Training of Telecommunicators by an Experienced Telecommunicator

Welcome! Pro Telecomm, Inc. helps create or enhance training programs for companies interested in the training of telecommunicators (dispatchers) of police, fire, medical dispatch or security agencies.

No longer can agencies train professional telecommunicators "on the job" or with a " watch how we do it" approach. You must have structured and relevant training that prepares your telecommunicators for the demands of the job. The primary objective to the training of a telecommunicator is to produce competent, self-sufficient, professional employees that have the confidence and knowledge to handle the variety of calls they will receive.

Browse our website for training examples of what Pro Telecomm can do for your department - and most importantly for your telecommunicators.

JoAnne Hollmann has been a telecommunicator for over thirty years. She has worked for both police and county sheriff' departments dispatching police, fire and emergency medical services. JoAnne enjoys training others to understand the importance of the job and the position they hold.Read More
Seminars All seminars emphasize the importance of professionalism and the safety responsibility the telecommunicator has for the officers and the callers. Read More Consulting If your department needs assistance with upgrading your operating procedures, hiring process, training process or policies and procedures, Pro Telecomm can help. Read More
Training Manual
"A Basic Guide to Successful Dispatching" A Practical Guide to Handling 9-1-1 Emergency Situations The primary objective of this manual is to generate thought, to challenge the new telecommunicator and to assist in the training of the telecommunicator.  The final outcome is to produce competent, self-sufficient, professional telecommunicators that have the knowledge to handle a variety of calls and situations. Read More


"JoAnne provided great information & was very knowledgeable, knows her job well."

"Very energetic and kind. Makes you remember why you became a dispatcher."

"She is a very knowledgeable dispatcher.  She knows her job well and had very creative ideas to display to the class."